July 6, 2015

Green River State Park

Ry and I were in charge of the family reunion this year.  We went camping at Green River State Park.  It was so flippin' hot!  Like 104-105 degrees hot.  Too hot really to do much.  We had some games planned, but really everyone just wanted to sit and try to keep cool.  We had spray bottles, lots and lots of cold water, and soaked our bandanas in cold water to try to keep cool.  We still enjoyed ourselves and hope the others did as well.  

The kids didn't mind the yucky, muddy water because it kept them cool.  I got in once and it did feel nice, but it was too yuck for me to get back in.  I prefer water where I can see at least a little bit of what's underneath me.  In this picture the kids are taking the mud, which was kind of clay like, and rubbing it all over their bodies.  Definitely an activity I was ok to skip.

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