May 11, 2013

S is 12!

This handsome young man has been waiting and waiting and counting the days until he turned 12.  He has been looking forward to his 12th birthday for a long time.  And, on the 5th his day finally arrived!  S has been anticipating getting the priesthood for a long time.  He has often tried to sneak onto the row with the deacons who were getting ready to pass the sacrament.  He's begged to go to young men's on Sundays and to mutual on Wednesdays.   He's asked to go do fast offerings with his brother.  Well, now he can do all those things.  He was able to receive the priesthood on his actual birthday.  He was so excited and you could see the joy on his face.  It was a very special moment for me to watch his dad give him the priesthood.  What a blessing that is.  Now I have 3 priesthood holders in my home.  I'm so grateful for the priesthood and for the many wonderful ways it has blessed my life.  I'm so excited for S to continue to learn and grow and to watch him grow into a wonderful young man!

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