February 23, 2013

9 1/2 Weeks

About 9 1/2 weeks ago I had a bilateral release done on both my knees.  My kneecaps were twisted which in turn was causing me to have extreme pain.  I've suffered with knee pain for a long time, but the pain would come and go.  However recently it just kept getting worse and worse.  So I made the long avoided trip to visit with the ortho surgeon.  Sure enough I needed surgery.  It was not fun, but I am glad to report that I'm getting better.  I'm not having the normal pain I was having, now I just have surgery pain.  I'm doing much better than expected so that's good.  Hopefully things will continue to go uphill from here.  

Since my surgery was exactly 1 week before Christmas I didn't really feel up to doing much of anything let alone blogging.  Luckily all our shopping was done and presents were wrapped.  Our friends were amazing and brought in delicious meals, treats, and gifts.  I really feel blessed to be surrounded by such loving and service oriented people.  We truly are grateful and in debt to those who helped our family.

A few months late, but had to post anyways.
M with her Christmas loot!

J was very pleased with her Christmas!

S was also thrilled:)

It was a successful year!

In December we also enjoyed our Ward Christmas Party.  The committee did an amazing job.  We celebrated a night in Bethlehem.  Everyone came dressed in clothing from the time period.  We were given money to spend that evening.  We were taxed, went "shopping", ate, and enjoyed a program.  

For hubby's work party we went to Tucano's.  Yummy!

I can't believe how quickly 2012 came and went.  We had a good year filled with lots of fun adventures as always.  We had Hubby's family over for New Years Eve.  We played games, ate, and rang in the new year with sparkling apple cider.  Then we scurried everyone off to bed!


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