April 12, 2011

Spring Break, Monday

Monday morning we got up early and drove to the Sweet's Candy Factory in Salt Lake.
We went with Ari and her 3 kids and their grandparents, Travis & Brenda and their kids,
and Grandma Davies.

Before we could walk through the factory we had to take off all our jewelery, sunglasses, hats, and jackets. We had to check in our purses, cameras, and phones. And we had to wear these nice hair nets and beard nets (for those who needed them). We all looked pretty silly, so of course we had to get a picture of that.

The factory was huge. We saw how they make taffy, cinnamon bears (my fav!), orange sticks, peanut clusters, jelly beans (which take a week to make), and much more. We got to have some samples and then of course we had to buy some treats at the end. The kids all loved it!

After the factory we drove to Heritage Park where the "This is the Place" monument is. We were going to spend some time there, but all of the houses were closed.

Instead we stayed outside of the park and had a picnic.

Then, we headed across the street to Hogle Zoo.

We got to go on a fun little train ride.

The kids all got to go on the carousel.

I guess all the kids except T got to ride the carousel. I had to get him an adult ticket and spaced out adding a carousel ticket for him. He was a good sport about it though.

We saw some pretty cool animals there.
This iguana was huge.

The kids loved the giant turtles.

We saw elephants,



and my favorite of the day, this cute little monkey!

It was a fun-filled day.
We drove home and got J to softball practice just in the nic of time.

~Sunday we went to Mom & Dad's for dinner.
~We are so ready for spring.
~DH's job is going well, he's really enjoying it!


Becca said...

how fun! ok those kids are getting too big, i know i saw it all the time but it's very true! haha

Razzle Dazzle Berry said...

Chris and I took to whole Rowberry clan to the Sweets factory 3 summers ago for our reunion :) Yah, gotta love the hair and beard nets.....we still laugh at the picture we took!!

I am soooo ready for spring too!

Chelsey said...

Glad hear you guys are doing good! I miss the zoo in Utah; looks like you all had a great day! :)

Amanda said...

FUN! Looks like you guys had a great time!!!! Cute pictures!