January 31, 2011

Family Fun at BYU

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to BYU.
We ate at the creamery, which is so delicious!
We did a lot of walking around the campus. It was Saturday so there weren't a lot of people there which was nice for us. The kids had many snowball fights with DH while we walked around. We stopped at some of the different buildings. M wanted to go to the Art Museum so we checked that out for a little while.

They all wanted to stop at the science building. We spent quite a while in there, looking at all the fun hands-on things that they had there. S was pretty amazed at this giant crystal.

I don't remember what this thing was called but, if you stood where those 2 cute kids in the picture are standing, you could get hit by a blast of air being shot from the stairs. We spent a lot of time blasting each other with the "air gun". We even tried to blast a few unexpecting people.

We also did a little bowling. I was horrible. I've always been a horrible bowler, but the kids enjoyed it, so that's all that matters. It was a great day. We've really enjoyed having DH home on Saturdays, it's been a long time since he's had Saturdays off, we love it!

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