May 24, 2010

HC Storm Soccer Party

Last week was the end of year soccer party for T's HC Storm team.
We had a yummy dinner, the kids ran around and played, we watched a slide show, and the coach handed out trophies and awards. It was a great night for all!

Pedram, the coach got all the boys matching shirts. He has been an amazing coach and really good for the boys. He has taught them a lot and really cares about the boys.

Pedram got S and another little boy a soccer ball that everyone on the team had signed. He has been so nice to S too. S was an unofficial ball boy. He was always right there with the team wanting to be involved and Pedram made him feel special!
It was a great year and we are ready for year 2!

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txmommy said...

that's really nice for S, what a good coach!