April 13, 2010


T had a soccer game last night. I knew it would be a little chilly so we put on sweats and grabbed a few blankets. However, it was more than a little chilly. It was FREEZING!! It was probably about 34 degrees, but there was wind. I think the wind was what made it so cold. The girls ended up in the car because they were so cold. S and I stuck it out in the cold. On the bright side they won and T scored both of their goals!!!


BB said...

are you kidding me? it was 80 degrees here yesterday! I broke a slight sweat! Come to AZ you won't be sorry!

Kevin and Amanda said...

It has been so great here!!!! But last week it was cold! How fun that he did so good in the game!

We need to update your family picture!!!!

Cara said...

If it's soccer season, it must be windy, right?! Congrats to T for scoring both goals!

Yvonne said...

It should be nicer now, eh ; ) You guys have had some strange weather.

Way to go, T.