March 1, 2010

Fractured Elbow

Our school had skate night tonight. They do this every year, but for one reason or another we have never gone. This year they begged and begged to go. So, we went. Probably 5 minutes after the kids got their skates on, S came up to me crying and holding his arm. He was very insistent that his arm was broken. I held him for a little and got him some ice, but he did not calm down. Usually when he gets hurt it only lasts for a little bit and then he's fine. So when 10 minutes had passed and he hadn't stopped crying at all I figured something was wrong. DH was at work of course. Luckily some friends were there, and they said they would take care of the other kiddos and get them home so that I could take care of S. Off to the ER we went. They got him in pretty quickly which I was grateful for. They x-rayed him and found a small fracture in his elbow. I guess where he fractured it, is by the growth plates so they wanted an orthopedic surgeon to look at it to make sure he didn't need surgery. Thankfully it wasn't surgical. They put a soft cast on him and said that he needed to stay in that for a week and then follow up with a doctor for another x-ray and possibly a hard cast. Poor S. I felt so bad for him. He kept saying that this was the worst pain he's ever been in. Then he kept apologizing. What a cute kid. I just hope he will be careful this week and not do any more damage to it.
The nurses were so nice to smile for me!

Waiting for the cast to set so we could go home.


Lacee DeG said...

Oh, that's terrible! Hope he feels better soon.

allison nadauld said...

Poor little guy. Hope it heals super fast.