December 12, 2009


S finally lost a tooth!! He has been waiting a LONG time for this to happen. Yesterday at school he was pulling off his gloves with his teeth (because that is the logical way to take off a glove), and somehow when he pulled it caught on his tooth and loosened it. Then, like an hour later he came into my classroom with a bloody mouth. He said he had been wiggling it and his fingers slipped and he cut his gums with his fingernail (I guess it's time to cut his nails). I told him maybe he should leave it alone for a while.

Later that day DH said he found S in the bathroom wiggling away. S asked his dad if he would pull it. DH said he would try, but that it might hurt. He didn't care. So DH wiggled and wiggled, and out came S's first tooth! He was SO thrilled. It was adorable. Luckily the tooth fairy made it on time (she often is very busy traveling the world gathering teeth, that she doesn't get there on the first night). I wonder when he will lose a tooth on his own?!

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I have a good life said...

Awesome! First tooth. That is so fun. Especially for S...he was ready!