September 19, 2009

Of Course

Of course just when I'm ready to start blogging again,
my stupid computer decides not to work.
Hopefully we can get it fixed pronto.


Yvonne said...

Will still be here when you get back ; )

Klin said...

Dang computers. Messin' up all your plans..

Rowberry Family said...

darn it! Hope you are able to get it fixed soon!

Cara said...

Hi, Valerie. This is Cara Chubbs. I have been wanting to follow your blog like Tera does. Hope you don't mind! When you get a chance, hop on mine!

Hope your computer is back up and running again soon!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I've been reading your past few months and I wrote on the Hike the Y post (in case they don't come on your email, like my commenters do. . .) miss and love you, S