November 8, 2014

Flag Football Champs!

S's flag football team took first place! 
They had a really good season!

Recent Happenings

~Completely loving all the beautiful colors of fall!
~T dislocated his shoulder.  He should be wearing a sling for 4 weeks to see if it will heal without surgery.  He wore it for about 1 1/2 weeks and now isn't wearing it any more.  That kid!  If I survive it'll be a miracle.
~M is super busy with drill all the time.  Drill in the early morning, after school, and some evenings!
~S made an accelerated basketball team.  He's been busy practicing and getting ready for the season to start.
~J is loving cheer and they are getting ready for competition season.
~I got first-aid and CPR certified.
~Ry is getting released tomorrow.  It's a bitter-sweet day.  He's loved his calling, but sometimes a break might be nice.
~General Conference was uplifting as usual.
~We had to fix both cars which cost a pretty penny.  I HATE putting money into cars.  I wish we could buy them and they would just work for x amount of years.
~We had our YWIE program on Wednesday and it went really well.
~Did some work for North Star.
~Had our first Halloween without any trick-or-treaters of our own.  That was weird.  Ry and I went out to dinner instead.


I took a CNA class in September/October.  It was from 5-10pm, Monday-Friday, plus clinicals on Saturday.  It was busy and a lot of work, but totally worth it.  I LOVED it!  I got my certificate last week that said I passed both my written and practical exams!  I'm officially a CNA!!  I've been wanting to do this for a long time and am so thankful that I finally had the opportunity to do so.  Now, it's on to the next step.  I've got to see what classes I need to take before I can start an RN program.  Yeah me for finally doing it!

Fishing Trip

Ry went to Idaho for a few days to do some fishing with his dad, brother, uncle, and cousins.  He isn't really a fisherman, but ended up having a good time.  Thanks to Greg who hooked him up with all the proper gear, he looked like a true fisherman!  

Be The Change

For Student Council M had to choose a "Be The Change" project to complete.  It had to be something that would better the community.  She chose to clean up the trails at one of the parks.  So, we headed out with garbage bags in tow and walked the trails collecting garbage.  I was surprised at how many people thanked us along the way.  I thought it was a good project and obviously very appreciated.

He's Playing Football?

Tanner came home from school one day and told me that he was now on the football team.  What?  How?  I totally didn't believe him for a few days, until he told me he needed to go to practice and then a game.  Then, low and behold he was in a football uniform, down on the field.  Super weird to see him in a football uniform.  He kicked for the Freshman and JV teams.  I guess next year he may be the Varsity kicker.  He was excited and is looking forward to what next year holds.